Best Water Sports Activities In Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best places to enjoy and have fun with water sports. The crystal clear water and the awesome cliffs really make a great backdrop. The water sports can really render you a great adventure. Whether it is tugged by the banana boat or reaching the skis with Paragliding and landing on the sea, you will surely be excited each and every moment of it. In this article, we will see some of the best water sports activities in Ibiza.

Scuba Diving

 Not just in Ibiza, when we think of water sports, scuba diving is one of the first things that will hit our mind. Whether you are looking to learn scuba diving or just interested in enjoying the activity for the moment, you can get everything in Ibiza. There are few places that are PADI 5 Star certified, that offer these scuba diving services. There are trained instructors who are capable of speaking many languages. They are open throughout the year because the water temperature is almost the same and hence can have a great experience.


Kayaking is also one of the most preferred water sports activities. Even though you can indulge in the sport in most of the places, there are three locations that provide you with the best experience. They are San Antonio, Figueretas, and Es Figueral. All you need to do is go the particular spot rent a kayak and take a guided tour. Do not worry about safety as some trained professionals will accompany you. Kayaking is one of the best ways to enjoy the beaches of Ibiza. There are good possibilities that you might come across some caves and secret spots. Indulging in kayaking shows a whole new world in Ibiza.


When it comes to surfing, there are two options. You can surf on the beach and ride the waves if you are familiar with the technique. You will find a lot of shops near every beach renting out surfboards. Or else you can drop in at some of the surf lounges where you get to experience surfing is the safest way. There are experienced instructors who can provide you with surfing lessons. If you are going as a family, make sure that you ask for a family package or a couple’s package with which you will get amazing discounts.

Cliff diving

 Cliff diving is like one of the wildest experiences that you can ever have in your life.  Even though the activity might look so simple, it is actually not. There are actually many possibilities of things going wrong if not done under proper guidance. You will actually get instructions from the certified instructor before proceeding to the actual action.

Fly and hover board experience

This is one of the latest additions to the water sports in Ibiza. Wear the jet packs and fly in the air, feel like real super at least for once in your life. For people who love to try out some new things, this will definitely suit their needs. With two to three times of experience, you can actually perform some aerobic stunts. The one thing that you should make a note of is that it is a bit expensive when compared to any other water sports.